Transportation Security Administration Surface Transportation IC-2021-01: Enhancing Surface Transportation Cybersecurity, December 31, 2021   [open pdf - 205KB]

From the Purpose and General Information: "Cybersecurity threats to the surface transportation domain are a persistent and ever evolving threat as the industry continues its dependence on the convenience, efficiencies, connectivity, and the converging of information and operational technology systems. Railroads, public transportation agencies, and over-the-road bus operators all have technology that needs to be appropriately secured. Cyberattacks across all sectors, including transportation, have shown that information and operational technology systems are vulnerable. The recommendations identified below can be applied to improve cybersecurity practices and defenses. This Information Circular provides recommendations for enhancing cybersecurity practices. First, it recommends the designation of a Cybersecurity Coordinator who would be available to TSA [Transportation Security Administration] and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) at all times (all hours/all days) to coordinate implementation of cybersecurity practices, manage security incidents, and serve as a principal point of contact with TSA and CISA for cybersecurity-related matters. Second, it recommends reporting cybersecurity incidents to CISA. Third, it recommends the development of a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan to reduce the risk of operational disruption should information and/or operational technology systems be affected by a cybersecurity incident. Finally, it recommends conducting cybersecurity vulnerability assessment using the form provided by TSA. The vulnerability assessment includes an assessment of current practices and activities to address cyber risks to Information and Operational Technology systems, identify gaps in current cybersecurity measures, and identify remediation measures."

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Transportation Security Administration Surface Transportation Information Circular-2021-01; TSA Surface Transportation IC-2021-01
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