Yemen: Civil War and Regional Intervention [Updated November 23, 2021]   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the Overview: "For over a decade, the Republic of Yemen has been torn apart by multiple armed conflicts to which several internal militant groups and foreign nations are parties. Collectively, these conflicts have eroded central governance in Yemen and have fragmented the nation into various local centers of power. The gradual dissolution of Yemen's territorial integrity has alarmed the United States and others in the international community. Policymaker concerns include fears that state failure may empower Yemen-based transnational terrorist groups; destabilize vital international shipping lanes near the Bab al Mandab strait (also spelled Bab al Mandeb, Bab el Mendeb); and provide opportunities for Iran to threaten Saudi Arabia's borders. Beyond geostrategic concerns, the collapse of Yemeni institutions during wartime has exacerbated poor living conditions in what has long been the most impoverished Arab country, leading to what is now considered one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. [...] As of November 2021, Yemen remains beset by multiple armed and political conflicts which, in their totality, have crippled central governance, devastated the national economy, and exacerbated a long-standing humanitarian crisis. The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) estimates that from the start of regional intervention in Yemen in March 2015 until October 2021, over 145,000 Yemenis had been killed in various acts of violence."

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CRS Report for Congress, R43960
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