Leveraging DHS Assets: Potential for the Transportation Security Administration to Enhance U.S. Government Intelligence Capabilities   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the Thesis Abstract: "The threats facing America today are different from the threats on 9/11. The actions the United States took to defend against similar attacks were necessary; however, the increase in attacks by non-foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs) requires agencies to evolve. This thesis explores how the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) can be leveraged to enhance the intelligence capabilities of the U.S. government. This thesis begins by identifying the threats facing America in 2021. Through a review of legislation, government sources, and scholarly work, this thesis presents the debate amongst sources on the threats America is facing and the role the U.S. government is taking to defeat the threats. This thesis lays out the TSA's current intelligence structure and the legislation in which the TSA operates against today's threats. Finally, this thesis provides the existing legal framework that allows the TSA to enhance its intelligence activity for U.S. national security. The findings reveal FTOs are no longer the number one threat. The research shows an increase in different threats to America, such as domestic terrorism, transnational organized crime, and espionage within the homeland. To confront these threats, the TSA must evolve to defend the U.S. transportation sector by enhancing its intelligence activity with the U.S. government. Further, this thesis shows current legislation provides a roadmap for the TSA to participate in additional intelligence activities."

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