COVID-19 Report: The Prolongation of the Health Crisis and Its Impact on Health, the Economy and Social Development   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Introduction: "More than a year and a half has passed since the first case of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was detected in Latin America and the Caribbean, triggering a health crisis that has led to a steady deterioration of the social development process. [...] [This] report analyses the region's main historical weaknesses and gives an overview of current progress in vaccination processes, the public health measures taken by the countries and the demographic evolution of the pandemic. This is followed by a section on the main economic and social impacts of the pandemic in Latin America and the Caribbean, showing up the vulnerability of the population in different dimensions of this scenario, as well as the centrality of social protection and the role of the State during the protracted health crisis and the need to increase public investment in the health sector. Next is an analysis of possible scenarios in which the pandemic could be brought under control in the short term, considering factors that are under the control of the countries and a set of contextual conditions that directly impact this area. Lastly, the report concludes with a series of recommendations that emphasize the importance of a comprehensive approach to controlling the health crisis in the short term and progressing towards sustainable economic recovery with equality and universal health care with resilient health systems."

2021 PAHO and United Nations
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