Procuring Differently: How Colorado Used User Research and Active Vendor Management for COVID-19 Technology   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the Summary: "As part of an effective pandemic response, the State of Colorado needed a comprehensive digital solution for case investigation and contact tracing, which has been used by local public health agencies. In June 2020, the state implemented an innovative and entirely virtual vendor selection process to evaluate these solutions under the direction of the Colorado Digital Service (CDS), a team within the Governor's Office of Information Technology. 'Vendors were invited to provide a test environment where their solution could be assessed' based on functionality, user experience, and technical fit. Stakeholders across the state of Colorado participated directly in an interactive evaluation and selection process, which provided opportunities to assess vendors' work style and culture, center evaluation on user needs, and generate buy-in from users. A human-centered approach was essential to ensure widespread use of the solution and to provide robust data for state-level decision-making on its case-investigation and contact-tracing efforts. By requiring vendors to demonstrate value through 'demos not memos [hyperlink],' CDS was able to support the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment (CDPHE) in selecting the solution that enhanced CDPHE's ability to meet public health needs while still saving the state time and money. 'A vendor was selected in just 19 days and $15 million under budget.' Separate from this project, the State of Colorado has also enabled software for the public to receive exposure notifications [hyperlink]."

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