Public Venue Security Screening Guide: Commercial Facilities Sector   [open pdf - 900KB]

From the Executive Summary: "The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) works closely with public and private sector partners to mitigate risk and protect our infrastructure. This mission includes working to secure public venues in partnership with the private sector owners and operators of these facilities, who are represented by the Commercial Facilities Sector Coordinating Council. The 'Public Venue Security Screening Guide' provides options for consideration when developing and implementing security screening procedures for major sporting events, concerts, fairs and expos, and similar large gatherings. This document updates and expands on the 'Patron Screening Guide' published in 2015, including guidance on procedures, overviews of current technology and techniques, and best practices for venues' security screening programs. The purpose for establishing security screening procedures is to define the nature of prohibited, illegal, and suspicious items, and to determine the screening procedures that may be used to control their entry into commercial venues."

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