Boosting the UK's Covid Measures: How to Go Further, Faster and Protect the NHS   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Overview: "In this paper, we offer a series of recommendations that, if actioned now, will ensure that murmurs of a fourth wave are curbed well before they end up overwhelming the NHS [National Health Service] this winter. We draw on the success of the initial vaccine rollout to set out a booster campaign that will further protect the elderly and most vulnerable from Covid [coronavirus disease]-related hospitalisation. This means going much faster in administering boosters, at least doubling the rate we have today - a target that can be achieved by bringing certain vaccine infrastructure from early 2021 back online. Protecting the most vulnerable must be our priority, and it is why we encourage a concerted effort to vaccinate pregnant women, a group that now makes up 20 per cent of female Covid-19 patients in intensive-care (ICU) wards. It also means we must do all we can to keep cases to a manageable number and prevent transmission. As the UK sees daily case rates up to 20 times higher than some of its European neighbours, we propose measures that are proven to reduce the risk of infection. This includes going further on vaccinating those aged 12 to 15 - now the main carriers of the virus - and urgently considering the approval of vaccines for younger children. Another transmission-reducing measure - the effective, low-cost solution of face coverings - should be a key pillar of the government's winter Covid strategy, with masks mandated in indoor public spaces and on public transport. Not only do face coverings provide protection against transmission, but they also have the helpful dual purpose of signifying that vigilance is still important: that while progress has been made, we are not out of the woods."

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