Medical and Congregate Care Centers Drill Report: Quad Cities Nuclear Power Station [November 20-21, 2002]   [open pdf - 355KB]

From the Executive Summary: "On November 20, 2002, two congregate care centers were evaluated for their acceptability to support the evacuees around the Quad Cities Nuclear Power Station and the Duane Arnold Energy Center by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Region VII. It is noted that the congregate care facilities in Scott County are identified as support for both Quad Cities and Duane Arnold. Therefore, credit will be given to both locations. The evaluators for this demonstration were Norm Valentine and Jane Young from FEMA. The previous demonstrations for these congregate care facilities at this site were conducted on July 27, 1994. [...] There were no Areas Requiring Corrective Action, identified during the previous Quad Cities Nuclear Power Station drills that required corrective action or subsequent demonstration for reevaluation during this drill. The offsite agencies demonstrated knowledge of their emergency response plans and procedures and adequately implemented them. There were no Deficiencies and no Areas Requiring Corrective Action identified during this drill. [...] On November 21, 2002, a medical drill was conducted[.] [...] The purpose of the medical drill was to assess the ability of offsite agencies in responding to a radiological emergency involving a simulated medical injury to a member of the public with radioactive contamination."

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Medical and Congregate Care Centers Drill. Quad Cities Nuclear Power Station, Scott County, IA. November 20-21, 2002
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