Incident Streams 2020: TREC-IS in the Time of COVID-19   [open pdf - 5MB]

From the Document: "A core question in crisis informatics concerns how well datasets and models - and in fact whole processes - developed on one emergency event perform when applied to a new, unseen event. This question is especially critical for rare emergencies or short-duration, fast-onset events, where opportunities for data collection and annotation are limited. The COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] pandemic represents such a crisis, leaving open questions about how well crisis-informatics systems developed for non-COVID events adapt to this new, global emergency. Emergency response officers are therefore less likely to trust or use these systems during a critical moment where social-distancing ordinances may drive social media data volumes to new highs, and public health is at significant risk. Likewise, researchers and system developers have limited evidence about what types of information actually transfer to this new crisis context and whether extant datasets on non-COVID crises should be discarded in favor of collecting wholly new COVID-specific data. This paper investigates these concerns through the lens of the 2020 editions of the TREC Incident Streams (TREC-IS) track, wherein we investigate applications of the TREC-IS information-type and priority taxonomies developed on non-COVID-19 crises to COVID-19 data and explicitly evaluate a collection of crisis-informatics systems in both non-COVID and COVID-19 contexts."

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Proceedings of the 18th ISCRAM Conference. Blacksburg, VA. May 2021
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