EU Development Policy as a Crisis-Response Tool? Prospects and Challenges for Linking the EU's COVID-19 Response to the Green Transition   [open pdf - 541KB]

From the Executive Summary: "The COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] pandemic hit the world at a time when the effects of climate change and biodiversity loss are becoming increasingly visible and require urgent action to prevent irreversible damage. The pandemic has exacerbated pre-existing socio-economic inequalities, with a particularly negative impact on developing countries. An effective European Union (EU) development policy response needs to go beyond an immediate response and confront the more complex challenge of having to balance short-term recovery and longer-term transformation towards global sustainable development. This paper assesses the preferences of EU institutions and member states in defining a development policy response to the pandemic and its implications. It focuses on two research questions: (1) What are the strategies of the EU and its member states to link the short-term recovery of the pandemic with longer-term socio-ecological transformations in their development policies? (2) How does the pandemic affect dynamics within and between the EU and the member states? The paper's analysis is based on a combination of a literature review, document analysis and semi-structured interviews."

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German Development Institute Discussion Paper No. 27/2021
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