One- and Two-Family Residential Building Fires (2017-2019)   [open pdf - 622KB]

From the Document: "This topical report is an update to the 'One- and Two-Family Residential Building Fires (2013-2015)' (Volume 18, Issue 2) report, which was released in June 2017. As part of a series of topical reports that address fires in the major residential building types, the remainder of this report addresses the characteristics of one- and two-family residential building fires as reported to NFIRS [National Fire Incident Reporting System]. This data is useful by itself and as a point of comparison with other residential building categories. Comparisons to multifamily residential building fires noted throughout the report are based on analyses from the 'Multifamily Residential Building Fires (2017-2019)' (Volume 21, Issue 7) topical report. The focus is on fires reported from 2017 to 2019, the most current data available at the time of the analysis. Complete or full years of data are required for statistical analyses presented in these topical reports. Although the NFIRS data for a calendar year are often reported to the USFA [U.S. Fire Administration] throughout the year, fire departments and or states have until the official cutoff date as set forth by the National Fire Data Center to submit their data to the USFA. Typically, this cutoff date is July 1 after the end of the previous calendar year."

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Topical Fire Report Series (July 2021), v.21 issue 6
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