Federal Sentencing of Child Pornography Production Offenses   [open pdf - 11MB]

From the Introduction: "This publication is the second report of a two-part series that updates and expands upon the United States Sentencing Commission's 2012 Report to the Congress: Federal Child Pornography Offenses (the '2012 Child Pornography Report'). In the 2012 Child Pornography Report, the Commission analyzed offenders sentenced under the federal child pornography sentencing guidelines and their corresponding statutes to assess how these offenders were prosecuted, sentenced, and supervised following their reentry into the community. This report focuses on offenders sentenced for child pornography production offenses under §2G2.1 of the Guidelines Manual (Sexually Exploiting a Minor by Production of Sexually Explicit Visual or Printed Material; Custodian Permitting Minor to Engage in Sexually Explicit Conduct; Advertisement for Minors to Engage in Production).2 The issues the Commission discussed in the 2012 Child Pornography Report persist today: the continued growth in the number of child pornography production cases, the volume and accessibility of child pornography images due to advancements in technology, and the resulting lengthy sentences for child pornography production offenders. Notably, in 2020 alone, the Cyber Tipline of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received 21.7 million reports of child sexual abuse imagery, online child exploitation and enticement, child sexual molestation, and child sex trafficking. [...] This update to the 2012 Child Pornography Report is intended to provide stakeholders with current information on child pornography production offenses, offenders, and sentencing outcomes. This report provides the Commission's most in-depth study of child pornography production offenses to date through an analysis of three primary factors that the Commission has identified as relevant to sentencing child pornography production offenders: (1) 'Proximity' [...]; (2) 'Participation' [...]; [and] (3) 'Propensity'[.]"

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