Cheating with COVID Cards: Sellers Offering CDC Vaccine Cards and the Platforms Making it Possible   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Executive Summary: "This summer, numerous media headlines focused on online sellers illegally pushing COVID [coronavirus disease] vaccine cards for sale on social media platforms, particularly Telegram. The cards stamped with Centers for Disease Control [and Prevention] (CDC) logos that sell for between $100 and $200 have been hot commodities for months. So why are illegal vaccine cards still so readily available on social media platforms? Researchers from Digital Citizens Alliance (Digital Citizens) and Coalition for a Safer Web (CSW) have theories about why the number of vaccine cards available seems to be growing instead of shrinking. However, the two organizations are even more concerned about another development that should make headlines as well. Vaccine card sellers have moved from the backrooms of Telegram and into the mainstream via Facebook and Instagram. Digital Citizens and CSW researchers contacted sellers on Telegram, Facebook, and Instagram and found many of the same patterns and tactics from each[.]"

Digital Citizens Alliance; Coalition for a Safer Web
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