Federal Data Strategy: 2021 Action Plan   [open pdf - 917KB]

From the Foreword: "To account for the changing role of data and meet the needs of democracy, the federal government created a coordinated and integrated Federal Data Strategy (FDS). Leaders from the Office of Management and Budget, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Department of Commerce, and Small Business Administration built an interdisciplinary team that worked with private industry, academia, civil servants, and the public to build a robust integrated approach to managing and using data. The result was a strategy that plans for agencies' use of data for a variety of critical purposes: to generate evidence-based policy, to deliver on mission, to serve the public, and to steward resources. At the same time, the FDS emphasizes the vital need to protect security, privacy, and confidentiality. The 2021 Action Plan identifies specific actions to be taken in support of the FDS, while also recognizing that 2021 is a transition year for the Executive Branch. Given the timing of the release of this 2021 Action Plan in the context of a transition year and with significant efforts underway across agencies on the Administration's immediate priorities, agencies may only begin working on toward the Plan's milestones before the end of calendar year 2021. Nevertheless, this Action Plan establishes these aspirational milestones in order to encourage agencies to make steady progress on the Plan's actions and milestones. In doing so, agencies will enhance their ability to use data to achieve their missions and deliver to the American public."

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