Indian Housing, Part 2, Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Indian Affairs of the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, United States Senate, Ninety-Fourth Congress, First and Second Session, August 6, 1975, August 7, 1975, February 12, 1976   [open pdf - 246MB]

These are the August 6, 1975, August 7, 1975, and February 12, 1976 hearings on "Indian Housing," held before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Indian Affairs of the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs. From the Opening Statement of Dewey F. Bartlett: "There exists a unique relationship between Indian people and the Federal Government. Such a relationship is derived from treaties, statutes, executive orders, administrative determinations, and the Constitution itself. Yet despite this special status, and the legal and moral responsibility emanating from it, Indian people have not always benefited from or even been able to participate in all of the Federal programs designed to improve the living conditions of Americans. This situation is particularly true in the case of Federal housing programs." Statements, letters, and materials submitted for the record include those of the following: Joe Attocknie, Henry Bellmon, Harry Belvin, Kenneth E. Black, Johnnye Chopper, John W. Davis, Vernon K. Davis, L.L. Denoya, Glenn W. Edwards, Ron Froman, Hubert Halfmoon, Jo Ann Hall, Arn Henderson, Charles James, Mae Johnson, Leland Keel, Lee Motah, Ed Munson, Reaves Nahwooksy, Stacy Pardopony, Ron Peake, Kirk Perr, Bob Pinezaddleby, Kent Poolaw, Ted Rsenhoover, Ross Swimmer, Ed Tanyan, Jim Vaugh, Marguerita Vietta, and Jake L. Whitecrow.

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