Post-Fascists: Putting the So-Called 'Populist Right' into Historical Perspective   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Abstract: "This article tries to capture conceptually the recent developments within the far right in two countries, France and Germany. In both cases, a diachronic comparison seems tempting. Are the '30s ahead of us? What is the extent and what is the impact of the fascist legacy today? The comparison in this article is based on Mann's book 'Fascists' (2004). The paper argues that while the current far-right cannot be considered fascist anymore and resembles interwar fascism only remotely, we have to consider it post-fascist. If interwar fascism is largely explicable out of a context of multilevel crises to which it provided answers that many found convincing, I conclude that the current strength of the German and French far-right does happen in a rather moderate crisis context to which it provides some answers."

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