Careful Connections: Keeping the Internet of Things Secure   [open pdf - 506KB]

From the Document: "Market analysts estimate that consumers and businesses around the world will use more than 20 billion Internet-connected devices by 2025. Internet of Things (IoT) companies design, manufacture, market, or support these connected devices - everything from light bulbs to smart TVs to wearable fitness trackers. As the industry has grown, so have the security risks. If a connected device is unsecure, it could give a hacker access not just to the confidential information transmitted by the device, but to everything else the device is connected to. So, how should IoT companies think about security to protect people against these risks? There is no 'one size fits all' approach to securing IoT devices, and what constitutes reasonable security will depend on a number of factors, including: [1] the device functionality and purpose, [2] the type and amount of information collected, [3] the entities with whom the data is shared, and [4] the level and likelihood of potential security risks involved. To make sure your IoT company is taking reasonable steps to protect your customers' devices from hackers, thieves, and other bad actors, consider these recommendations from the FTC [Federal Trade Commission]."

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