Contributions of Management Theory and Practice to Emergency Management [Chapter 14]   [open pdf - 183KB]

From the Abstract: "This chapter takes a look at the impact that management theory and how the basic functions and practice of management as well as the role of the manager and approaches to management have contributed to the practice of emergency management. Current views of management theory stress the changing nature of the external environment and the need to understand and address these external forces for change. The contribution and role of systems theory and contingency theory to the emergency management process is stressed. Although some might view that we do not manage disasters, there is an overlap between the contribution of management theory and emergency management. Management theory stresses the need for effective planning to ensure that organizational goals are obtained. Emergency and crisis management emphasize that effective emergency response and recovery is based on good planning. Building sustainable organizations and communities is a common goal of both management and emergency management. Management and disaster-related issues and concerns along with strategies to improve emergency management practice from the field of management are provided. Finally, recommendations are provided for including emergency and crisis management in management curriculums."

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McEntire, David A. (Ed.). Disciplines, Disasters and Emergency Management: The Convergence and Divergence of Concepts, Issues and Trends from the Research Literature. Emmitsburg, MD: Emergency Management Institute, Spring 2006. ch.14
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