Countering WMD Journal (Issue 18, Winter/Spring 2019)   [open pdf - 8MB]

This issue of the Countering WMD (weapons of mass destruction) Journal contains the following articles: "Raising CANE [Combined Arms in a Nuclear/Chemical Environment]: The Army Needs to Reintroduce Concepts, Doctrine, and Training for Operating in a Post-nuclear Detonation Environment" by Bret Kinman; "An Appeal for a Nuclear Perspective in Army Education" by Brad Hardy; "Three Dimensional, Real Time, Radiation Mapping with Scene Data Fusion" by Joe Vanderlip, Brian Quiter, and Ryan Pavlovsky; "Gas Centrifuge Flow and Transport Modeling for Breakout Timeline Estimation" Benjamin Thomas; "National Security Applications Experimentation at the National Ignition Facility" by Andrew Lerch, Heather Jiles, John Davis, and Steven Seiler; "Southeast Asia Nuclear Proliferation" by Dennis Emmert; "NATO at 70: Reflection on the Alliance's Contribution to Peace" by Anita Walker and Dirk Plante; "My Experience Earning a Doctorate Outside of Advanced Civil Schooling" by Joseph Kling; "Dedicated to Research, Education, Excellence: Army Officer Continues to Give Back to Country, Sciences" by Sarah Marshall; "50 Book Review: On Limited Nuclear War in the 21st Century" by Christopher Mihal; "Nuclear Effects Test Looks to Validate Radiation Computer Model" by William Bosley and Drew Hamilton; and "Looking Back: The USANCA Officer of 40 Years Ago" by Author Unknown.

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Countering WMD Journal (Winter/Spring 2019), issue 18
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