Countering WMD Journal (Issue 21, Summer/Fall 2020)   [open pdf - 34MB]

This issue of the Countering WMD (weapons of mass destruction) Journal contains the following articles: "Of Clouds and Craters: The Incredible Story of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Testing" by Alan B. Carr; "History of Nuclear Effects Testing at White Sands Missile Range" by Randy M. Brady; "The Next Nuclear Arms Control Treaty: Looking Beyond New START [New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty]" by Dirk E. Plante; "Countering Hostile Technology with Pathway Defeat" by Chris Bolz; "Chemical Fractionation Is Not a Constant: Revisiting Bomb Vapor Chemistry" by Yves M.X.M. Dardenne, Winifred E. Parker, and Kim B. Knight; "Phase Formation in Nuclear Fallout" by Tim Genda, Emily E. Moore, Aurélien Perron, Zurong Dai, Enrica Balboni, Peter Hosemann, and Kim B. Knight; "An In-Depth Look at the Minimum Safe Distance" by Jeff Kendellen; "Positive Indifference: Conventional-Nuclear Integration, an Old Idea Whose Time Has Come Again" by Bret Kinman; "A Cruel Wind from the East: China's DF-17 [Dong Feng 17] and DF-ZF" by Christopher J. Mihal; "Contingency Elimination Preparedness" by Emily J. Pollard and Kimberly Z. Heyne; "Developing the Next-Generation of AI [artificial intelligence] Systems to Push the Detection of Foreign Nuclear Proliferation further 'Left of Boom'" by Angela Sheffield; "Fallout Cloud Regimes" by Gregory D. Spriggs, Stephanie Neuscamman, John S. Nasstrom, and Kim B. Knight; "Proliferation Considerations of Laser Enrichment Technology" by Lorin D. Veigas; "Spatially-Resolved Characterization Techniques and Implications for Nuclear Debris Formation" by David Weisz, Kim B. Knight, Peter K. Weber, Peter Boone, and Peter Bedrossian; and "Challenges in Simulating Ground Interacting Nuclear Explosions" by J. Morris, A. Shestakov, A. Nichols, B. Isaac, and K. Knight.

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Countering WMD Journal (Summer/Fall 2020), issue 21
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