CDBG-CV Public Facilities Quick Guide   [open pdf - 470KB]

Alternate Title: Using CDBG for Public Facilities in Coronavirus Response

From the Document: "The COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] pandemic has led to economic, health, and social hardships for millions of people and a new awareness of the changes needed to reduce pandemic impacts in the future. The CDBG [Community Development Block Grant] Coronavirus (CDBG-CV) response grants, provided as supplemental funding to CDBG grantees under the CARES [Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security] act, can fund a wide range of community development activities to help communities prevent, prepare for, and respond to the direct and indirect effects of the current COVID-19 pandemic and to mitigate future risks. The CARES Act also waived certain regulatory requirements for CDBG and other Federal programs. Both CDBG and CDBG-CV funds can be used by grantees to create, expand, or enhance public facilities that may provide medical care, social services, and emergency housing in response to the current pandemic while increasing their long-term resiliency and ability to mitigate future coronavirus outbreaks. It is important to note that, with few exceptions, the expansion or enhancement of buildings for the general conduct of government is ineligible. [...] This guide discusses how CDBG-CV funds can fill in the gaps left by other funding programs. It provides examples of how grantees may use CDBG-CV funds to improve public facilities to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the coronavirus now and in the future. It is intended to help grantees select and implement CDBG-CV-funded public facility projects."

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