Smithsonian Institution: Climate Change Action Plan   [open pdf - 6MB]

From the Introduction: "As one of the foremost research complexes in the world, the Smithsonian has long kept climate change, sustainability, and stewardship of the planet a focus of our scientific research as well as our operational decisions -- a focus that spans across all aspects of the Institution for a truly One Smithsonian approach. This Climate Action Plan details our Institution-wide efforts to assess our vulnerabilities, enhance our resiliency, research the Earth system, adapt to a changing climate and its effects, and educate our staff and the public on the climate crisis. Because the Smithsonian is such a multi-faceted organization, these initiatives are not siloed into certain portions of the Institution. Instead, many areas, specifically our public programs, our research, our collections, our administrative functions, and our facilities infrastructure, which touch every part of the Institution, are all vital to our ongoing approach in facing climate change. Smithsonian's Climate Action Plan, combined with our Climate Change Policy, are the backbone of how we are and will address these urgent concerns of preparing for and mitigating against the impacts of climate change as well as our steps to create a more sustainable future."

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