Department of Homeland Security Climate Action Plan: Integrating Climate Adaptation into the Department to Strengthen Mission Operations and Infrastructure   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the Introduction: "The Department of Homeland Security's ('Department' or 'DHS') mission is to safeguard the American people, our homeland, and our values. [...] According to the Fourth National Climate Assessment, 'global climate is changing rapidly compared to the pace of natural variations in climate that have occurred throughout Earth's history.' Sea-level rise, extreme weather events, drought, changes in migration patterns, workforce health, and other direct, indirect, and cumulative impacts of climate change will affect essential functions and supporting infrastructure across the United States. Simply put, the world is facing an existential climate crisis that is a current and growing threat to our way of life. Climate change endangers national security and DHS's mission of safeguarding the American people, our homeland, and our values. The Intelligence Community recently stated that a changing climate will create a mix of direct and indirect threats, including risks to the economy, heightened political volatility, human displacement, and new venues of geopolitical competition that will play out during the next decade and beyond. Climate change has already contributed to instability in strategically important areas; it is a 'threat multiplier.' To adapt, focused solutions are needed. Investing in action now saves lives, conserves resources, and provides long-term cost savings. The Department is committed to establishing adaptation strategies and increasing resilience today so we will be better able to meet the challenges of a changing climate tomorrow while continuing to meet mission requirements."

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