Sustainable Pandemic Recovery Depends on 'Building Back Democratically': Global Analysis and Priority Actions   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Introduction: "The pandemic is placing an acute strain on many countries already dealing with poor governance and profound socioeconomic challenges. In many instances, COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] is exacerbating problems and the fallout -- if left unaddressed -- will continue long after the virus is defeated. At the same time, authoritarians are using the pandemic to seize more power at home and attack democratic systems that protect the rights and dignity of all people. Through programs spanning more than 70 countries, NDI [National Democratic Institute] is actively evaluating political and economic trends, while working with partners on pandemic response initiatives and a sustainable recovery through democratic engagement that prioritizes: [1] Shoring up democratic institutions; [2] Engaging the furthest behind through participatory and inclusive decision making; [3] Strengthening information integrity through effective communications and countering disinformation; [4] Combating COVID corruption; [and 5] Preventing violence by renewing the social contract[.] As the international community ramps up aid for COVID recovery efforts, there is an opportunity to strengthen the foundations needed for long-term sustainable development. Addressing fundamental governance deficits by 'building back democratically' is central to pandemic recovery and long-term development."

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