LSU NCBRT Preparedness Podcast 30 - Food and Agriculture: Worker Facility Issues and Food Insecurity Amid a Crisis [audio]   [open html - 0B]

From the Webpage: "[On this] podcast, we finish up our series on food safety and security during the COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] pandemic with guests Joe Reardon, Assistant Commissioner for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and NCBRT subject matter expert; Lorenzo Alba, Jr., Executive Director of Casa de Peregrinos Emergency Food Program; and Jeff Witte, Secretary of Agriculture for the State of New Mexico and NCBRT subject matter expert. They dive deeper into the food insecurity crisis, the economic impact of the pandemic on farmers and consumers, and what future agriculture/food crisis response plans may look like after COVID-19." The duration of this podcast is 41 minutes and 20 seconds

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LSU NCBRT Preparedness Podcast Episode 30; Louisiana State University National Center for Biomedical Research and Training Preparedness Podcast Episode 30
LSU National Center for Biomedical Research and Training
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