Technology's Acceleration in Behavioral Health: COVID, 988, Social Media, Treatment and More   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Abstract: "Advances in technology offer options for the millions of Americans who experience mental health conditions, since most lack access to care or are not receiving the care they need. The permeating presence of technology in our lives offers a previously unimaginable window on both population and individual level data to inform models of epidemiology and etiology of mental health and mental illness, and the potential to provide behavioral health care in drastically different ways. While much of the advances have focused on access, growing attention is being given to quality. This quality includes issues of confidentiality, ease of use, reimagining therapeutic relationships, and improving mental health outcomes. This change has been accelerated by the COVID [coronavirus disease] pandemic, particularly when the need arose to rely on technology vs. traditional in person treatment. This paper explores telehealth, artificial intelligence (AI) in social media, 988, apps, software and more related to behavioral health. As the evidence of effectiveness grows, behavioral health technologies have the potential to reach more clients and help engage and retain them in services in a cost-effective manner. It will also be critical to ensure that the use of technology is done with a sense of fairness and equity so that any individual, in any setting, can have access to equivalent care. Thus, it is imperative that there be intentionality surrounding the advances in the use of technology to avoid a second tier 'behavioral healthcare-lite' system for marginalized populations that in fact have the highest needs but are hardest to reach."

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Technical Assistance Collaborative Paper No. 9
National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors
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