Creating a Blueprint for the Future: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic in Michigan   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Summary: "In January 2020, the World Health Organization announced an outbreak in China tied to respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus. Since that time, the COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] pandemic has caused more than 1 million infections and 21,000 deaths in the state of Michigan. [...] The Public Health Advisory Council is responsible for providing advice about emerging issues in public health and providing recommendations to the Governor as to optimum practice, delivery, and response of governmental public health in Michigan. The council has come together to produce a brief that highlights lessons learned from the successes as well as the challenges from pandemic response, while offering guidance on future directions. This document seeks to examine the public health experience during COVID-19 and identify recommendations for consideration to enable the state to be better prepared to meet population health needs for future pandemics."

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
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