U.S. Defense Posture Changes in the European Theater, Committee on Armed Services, House of Representatives, One Hundred Sixteenth Congress, Second Session, September 30, 2020   [open pdf - 760KB]

This is the September 30, 2020 hearing on "U.S. Defense Posture Changes in the European Theater," held before the House Committee on Armed Services. From the Opening Statement of Adam Smith: "As we have heard a little while back, an announcement was made of a change in our defense posture within Europe. And I want to make clear at the outset that I think it is always appropriate to reexamine our posture around the world. This is a rapidly changing world, the threat environment is dynamic, and our assets and allies are also reasonably dynamic. There are opportunities to be found in looking at ways that we can better distribute our assets and our forces to meet those challenges. But I was concerned about the way this particular change in our posture was announced and is proposed to be implemented within Europe. There was an announcement, basically, of a need to reduce the troops in Germany by 12,000. That number did not seem to be tied to any particular requirement. And then, in addition to that there was the requirement that we get rid of all of our headquarters in Germany. The reasons for that were far from clear. So, the number seemed to be artificial. Certainly, as we look at our needs in Europe, and as we build and strengthen alliances with the relatively new Eastern European partners within NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization], there are clearly opportunities to build on those partnerships and, potentially, station U.S. troops in those Eastern European countries to improve our posture and better meet our defense needs, particularly with regards to deterring Russian aggression in that part of the world." Statements, letters, and materials submitted for the record include those of the following: David W. Allvin and James H. Anderson.

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