Exercise Report: Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station [October 23, 2001]   [open pdf - 3MB]

From the Executive Summary: "On October 23, 2001, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Region VII, conducted an exercise in the plume emergency planning zone (EPZ) around the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station. The purpose of the exercise was to assess the level of State and local preparedness in responding to a radiological emergency. This exercise was held in accordance with FEMA's policies and guidance concerning the exercise of State and local radiological emergency response plans and procedures. The previous exercise at this site was conducted on August 10, 1999. [...] This report contains the final evaluation of the biennial exercise. The State and local organizations, except where noted in this report, demonstrated knowledge of their emergency response plans and procedures and adequately implemented them. There was one Area Requiring Corrective Action (ARCA) and one Deficiency identified in Iowa as a result of this exercise. The Deficiency was corrected later during the exercise and is closed. There were three ARCAs identified during previous exercise(s) that could have been corrected during this exercise. One Nebraska ARCA was corrected during this exercise at the Washington County EOC [Emergency Operations Center]. One Iowa ARCA, at the Forward Command Post, was not corrected and remains an open issue. Finally, one Iowa ARCA, for the Dose Assessment function, was corrected during an out of sequence demonstration May 7, 2001."

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Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station Exercise. Washington and Sarpy Counties, NE, and Harrison, Pottawattamie and Crawford Counties, IA. October 23, 2001
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