Nuclear Power Plant Infrastructure Evaluations for Removal of Spent Nuclear Fuel: Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition   [open pdf - 39MB]

From the Executive Summary: "This report fulfills the M3 milestone M3SF-20PN0203020412, 'Nuclear Power Plant Site Infrastructure Report.' This report is a 2020 update of the 2017 report entitled 'Preliminary Evaluation of Removing Used Nuclear Fuel from Shutdown Sites' (Maheras et al. 2017). The title of this report reflects the intent of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to conduct site evaluations for operating nuclear power plant (NPP) sites as well as shutdown NPP sites (collectively referred to as NPP sites). [...] This report provides evaluations of the NPP site infrastructure and near-site transportation infrastructure for removing spent nuclear fuel (SNF) from 16 NPP sites that have been evaluated as of the date of this report. The material to be removed from these NPP sites includes both the SNF and the greater-than-Class C low-level radioactive waste (GTCC waste) that is stored, or will be stored, at the sites. The evaluation for each of the 16 NPP sites evaluated is divided into four components: [1] characterization of the SNF and GTCC waste inventory; [2] a description of the on-site infrastructure and conditions relevant to transportation activities; [3] an evaluation of the near-site transportation infrastructure and experience relevant to shipping transportation casks containing SNF and GTCC waste from the NPP sites; [and 4] identification of future information needs."

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PNNL-30429; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory-30429
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