Saudi Security: Increasing Challenges Alongside Strategic Limitations   [open pdf - 389KB]

From the Document: "In recent years the threats facing Saudi Arabia have intensified, and they have seen significant changes. A noticeable increase in kinetic threats (scope and precision) and in cyber threats to strategic assets is evident, and in particular Riyadh faces a threat to the functional continuity of its oil facilities and freedom of navigation. These looming threats are ominous for the Saudi economy and damage the kingdom's standing; should they intensify further, security could be undermined, and in extreme scenarios, national stability and the stability of the royal house itself. This trend has four main sources: Saudi Arabia's adversaries are winning the arms race and are capable of attacking it more easily than in the past; Iran has displayed increasing audacity in its actions in the region, exposing the weakness of the Gulf and American deterrence; there has been a regression in the willingness of Riyadh's traditional supporters - the United States, Pakistan, and Arab countries - to guarantee its security; and an assertive policy by Riyadh has generated increased criticism. All these enhance the potential threat in the domestic arena, at the borders, and from across the borders."

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