Addressing FEMA's Recruitment Challenges: Lessons from Teach for America   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the thesis Abstract: "This thesis is a single-case study of Teach for America's model for recruitment and selection of young adults. The civil service has struggled with recruitment, which is becoming increasingly urgent as its workforce ages. Human capital challenges are at the center of mission failures in government. National service is an indicator of civic engagement, which is necessary for the functioning of democracy. The Federal Emergency Management Agency remarked on its goal to 'cultivate the next generation of emergency managers' in its 2016 Human Capital Strategic Plan, and yet its challenges with recruitment persist. On the other hand, Teach for America is a shining example of recruitment to national service while the government is struggling. The civil service has yet to address long-standing challenges with its organization, particularly its human capital systems that control recruitment, hiring, selection, and performance management. These challenges undermine public trust in government and also have a direct impact on recruitment. To examine the civil service's recruitment shortfalls, this study examined Teach for America's model. This study provides recommendations and a summary of findings that may inform government leaders who wish to recruit and hire young adults."

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