Annual Medical Drill Report: Beaver Valley Power Station [November 9, 1999]   [open pdf - 424KB]

From the Executive Summary: "On November 9, 1999, a medical drill was conducted in the plume exposure pathway emergency planning zone (EPZ) around the Beaver Valley Power Station by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Region V. The purpose of the medical drill was to demonstrate the capabilities of the emergency response organizations in handling a contaminated, injured person. The medical drill was designed to satisfy Salem Hospital's requirement for an emergency drill and the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Guidance Memorandum MS-1, 'Medical Services.' [...] The scenario for the medical drills were developed by personnel from the First Energy Utility Company and coordinated with the State of Ohio. The following objectives, which are part of the 33 standardized objectives contained in FEMA's Exercise Manual (FEMA-REP-14), were evaluated during these [sic] medical drill. 'Objective 5: Emergency Worker Exposure Control.' Demonstrate the capability to continuously monitor and control radiation exposure to emergency workers. 'Objective 20: Medical Services - Transportation.' Demonstrate the adequacy of vehicles, equipment, procedures, and personnel for transporting contaminated, injured, or exposed individuals. 'Objective 21: Medical Services - Facilities.' Demonstrate the adequacy of the equipment, procedures, supplies, and personnel of medical facilities responsible for the treatment of contaminated, injured, or exposed individuals. The State and local organizations, except where noted in this report, demonstrated knowledge of their organizational emergency response plans and procedures and adequately implemented them. There were no Deficiencies identified as a result of this exercise. There were no Areas Requiring Corrective Action (ARCA) identified as a result of this exercise."

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Annual Medical Drill. Beaver Valley Power Station, Columbiana County, OH. November 9, 1999
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