Afghan Women and Girls: Status and Congressional Action [Updated August 18, 2021]   [open pdf - 528KB]

From the Document: "The status of Afghan women and girls is increasingly precarious in light of the Taliban's takeover of the country in mid-August 2021. Given the Taliban's views on women's rights, and entrenched cultural attitudes (particularly in rural areas), the status of Afghan women and girls has long been a topic of congressional concern and action. Concern among some Members of Congress has increased in the wake of the drawdown of U.S. military and civilian personnel and the Taliban takeover. Reports indicate that the Taliban have re-imposed restrictions on women in some areas taken in 2021. In addition to fears for the rights, health, and economic wellbeing of Afghan women broadly, some Members' immediate concerns focus on evacuation and visa questions, with a longer-term focus on how, if at all, U.S. policies might induce a Taliban-led government to respect women's rights. Since 2001, Members of Congress have attempted to promote and safeguard the rights of Afghan women through oversight and funding-related legislative measures."

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