Diversity and Inclusion Training for Military Personnel [July 19, 2021]   [open pdf - 655KB]

From the Document: "Congress has taken an interest in requirements, content, and delivery of diversity and inclusion (D&I) training and education for military personnel. Under Title 10 United States Code, the Secretaries of the military departments (Army [hyperlink], Navy [hyperlink], and Air Force [hyperlink]) have the statutory authority to train military personnel and administer to their morale and welfare. Congress has legislated specific training requirements (e.g., financial literacy, military sexual assault prevention [hyperlink]) for servicemembers, including training related to D&I issues. Existing provisions do not prescribe a pedagogical approach, nor do they prohibit certain topics or theories. In addition, while Congress has oversight of military schools, curriculum decisions are generally delegated to school leadership and faculty. For example, each of the military service academies has a Board of Visitors [hyperlink], with congressional representation, that has oversight authority over academy curricula. The Dean of Faculty also has the statutory responsibility [hyperlink] for 'developing and sustaining the curriculum'. While certain military training might be required for students at the service academies, statute does not require or prohibit the inclusion of D&I topics, readings, or theories as part of the academic curricula."

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