Risks and Restrictions: Striking the Right Balance   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Overview: "Cases of the virus continue to rise in the UK, as do deaths and hospitalisations. While the vaccination programme is providing substantial protection, it does not remove the danger of the NHS [National Health Service] being overwhelmed again, and there are associated risks of additional pressures that come from all the untreated conditions and waiting lists that have accumulated over the course of the pandemic. Infections will continue to rise, putting an increasing number of people at risk of developing Long Covid [coronavirus disease]. [...] The problem with the government's present strategy is that it risks generating confusion that will undermine the efficacy of its approach. Our view is that everything is simpler to understand and implement if we are clear in the distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Otherwise we are in danger of loosening restrictions too extensively, for example, in relation to mask-wearing, while being too rigid in other instances, for example, the isolation provisions around NHS Track and Trace. We go on to explain here what we consider to be a far more balanced approach to risks and restrictions."

2021 Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
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