Securing Wireless Devices in Public Settings   [open pdf - 505KB]

From the Document: "Telework has become an essential component of business, and many people are teleworking from home or during travel. While the owners of home networks can take steps to secure those networks, it can be difficult to ensure public networks (e.g., conference or hotel Wi-Fi®) are secure. Protecting personal and corporate data is essential at all times, but especially when teleworking in public settings. To ensure data, devices, and login credentials remain secure and uncompromised, cybersecurity is a crucial priority for users and businesses. This includes identifying higher-risk public networks and implementing security best practices while in public settings, whether connecting laptops, tablets, mobile phones, wearable accessories, or other devices with the ability to connect to the internet. [...] This infosheet gives National Security System (NSS), Department of Defense (DoD), and Defense Industrial Base (DIB) users the best practices for securing devices when conducting business in public settings. It describes how to identify potentially vulnerable connections and protect common wireless technologies, and lists steps users can take to help secure their devices and data. While these best practices cannot ensure data and devices are fully protected, they do provide protective measures users can employ to improve their cybersecurity and reduce their risks."

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