Secure & Resilient Mobile Network Infrastructure & Emergency Comms Program R&D Guidebook   [open pdf - 4MB]

From the Introduction: "This project guide introduces you to the distinct goals and objectives for the complementary SRMNI [Secure and Resilient Mobile Network Infrastructure] and Emergency Communications projects and provides an overview of the ongoing R&D [Research & Development] of new and cutting-edge solutions. These solutions will help secure legacy and next-generation mobile network infrastructure and help protect the critical communications systems used by the nation's first responders. The SRMNI project is providing essential R&D that supports CISA's [Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency's] mission related to 5G [fifth generation wireless], mobile security, and emergency communications security and resilience. Its objective is to provide accurate, timely and useful 5G, mobile security, and emergency communications R&D solutions to support CISA's mission. The SRMNI project also supports CISA's 5G Strategy, which is aligned to the White House's National Strategy to Secure 5G. Specifically, the project is researching legacy and current telecommunications protocols (i.e., 4G [fourth generation wireless] Long-Term Evolution and below) protections and enabling security into 5G networks. It also is leveraging 5G to demonstrate solutions that meet government security needs, including secure voice and video capability for unclassified government communications. Last, the SRMNI project also supports improvements to government visibility and security of network traffic from mobile devices focusing on capability testing for Protective Domain Name System integration."

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