NCSWIC 2020 Strategic Plan & Implementation Guide   [open pdf - 793KB]

From the Purpose: "The 'NCSWIC [National Council of Statewide Interoperability Coordinators] Strategic Plan and Implementation Guide' is a stakeholder-driven, multi-jurisdictional, and multi-disciplinary plan to enhance interoperable and emergency communications. The plan is a critical mid-range (three-year) tool to help NCSWIC and its partners prioritize resources, strengthen governance, identify future investments, and address interoperability gaps. The plan is a living document, owned and managed by the NCSWIC Executive Committee (EC), that may be updated on an annual basis due to shifts in the emergency communications environment that change the work products or activities developed by NCSWIC. The purpose of the plan is to: [1] Provide strategic direction to NCSWIC to ensure work enhances and promotes emergency communications successes and challenges across the nation; [2] Identify specific initiatives and work products that align with the revised National Emergency Communications Plan (NECP) and NCSWIC goals; [and 3] Ensure NCSWIC committees demonstrate progress toward meeting approved milestones for the strategies and initiatives outlined in the Appendix for successful implementation of NCSWIC goals[.] NCSWIC members assist with the development or enhancement of state and territorial governance structures to provide strategic guidance for public safety responders through their four standing committees and three task forces: Governance; Planning, Training, and Exercise (PTE); Funding and Sustainment; and, Technology Policy. NCSWIC also utilizes working groups and task forces to accomplish initiatives. NCSWIC partners and coordinates closely with SAFECOM [hyperlink] across multiple program subgroups and engagements."

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