Virality Project Weekly Briefing #12: 'March 10, 2021 - March 16, 2021'   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Key Takeaways: "[1] This week, the prominent anti-vax organization Children's Health Defense released a video titled 'Medical Racism: The New Apartheid' which 'combines discussion on the legitimate history of medical racism with vaccine misinformation to promote anti-vax narratives.' The video has not spread significantly on major social media platforms, but it has been shared on private Telegram channels. 'Trusted medical professionals need to continue to be proactive in addressing concerns about medical racism in vaccine rollout so that anti-vaxxers cannot exploit this distrust first.' [2] We continue to see 'some medical professionals use their credentials to legitimize anti-vax concerns.' This week, a vaccine scientist's concern about 'escape mutants' was shared widely within anti-vaccine spaces and used to drive further fear about vaccines. Scientific-sounding communication from purported experts remains an ongoing challenge. [3] 'Concerns that COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] vaccines are 'experimental' continue to drive online discussions about vaccine hesitancy.' This has been reinforced by news stories of the suspensions of AstraZeneca's vaccine across European countries after recipients experienced blood clots. Some anti-vax and conspiracy theorists falsely believe vaccination efforts violate the Nuremberg Code on medical experimentation."

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