Disinformation Overdose: A Study of the Crisis of Trust Among Vaccine Sceptics and Anti-Vaxxers   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Introduction: "The ongoing COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] pandemic has propelled the topic of vaccines to the centre of public life and discourse in Germany. Debates on how necessary and effective vaccines really are have gained importance, fuelled by the unprecedented speed with which the vaccines against the novel coronavirus have been developed and certified for use. At the same time, an increase in uncertainty and economic hardship as well as social distancing mandates have been accompanied by a growing desire for straightforward explanations to the ongoing pandemic and the rapid development of the vaccines. One purported response comes in the form of a growing number of conspiracy theories, which are riddled with misinformation. Their authors, who range from right-wing extremists and esotericists to hard-core conspiracists, use them as highly fertile soil for sowing the seeds of discord and taking advantage of pre-existing fears. They claim that the vaccines are creating a 'two-tier society' or a 'COVID dictatorship', or are even part of a 'plandemic' aimed at decimating the population. The outcome? A permanently divided society. For the first time, this report by 'ISD [Institute for Strategic Dialogue] Germany' offers a comprehensive insight into the digital networks used by vaccine sceptics in Germany."

2021 Institute for Strategic Dialogue
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