First Responder's Toolbox: Animal Cruelty: A Possible Warning Behavior for Terrorism and Other Premeditated Violence Against Humans Which Needs Reporting and Further Vetting   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Document: "Clinical and forensic data on mass murder incidents, including terrorist attacks, reveals the vast majority are premeditated rather than impulsive. Premeditated murders often display observable warning behaviors. Although warning behaviors cannot predict targeted violence, they are useful in identifying an accelerated and increased risk of violence that should elevate authorities' concern. Animal cruelty , particularly when premeditated in nature, is one example of a novel aggression warning behavior. Through this behavior, an individual tests his or her ability to actually engage in a violent act and can be thought of as experimental aggression. Numerous studies indicate that animal cruelty is often linked to a variety of other crimes, particularly violent offences toward humans. In 2017, there were two instances in the Homeland of ISIS [Islamic State of Iraq and Syria] supporters who abused animals for various reasons prior to their arrest, and who were plotting to conduct a terrorist attack."

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