Ukrainian Armed Forces [June 23, 2021]   [open pdf - 483KB]

From the Document: "In 2014, the Ukrainian military, which observers noted had been weakened by years of neglect and underfunding, faced Russia's occupation of Ukraine's Crimea region and invasion of eastern Ukraine. Since that time, the Ukrainian armed forces have made considerable improvements; they have undertaken efforts to adopt NATO standards and received significant NATO and U.S. assistance. Many of these reforms began out of the experience of defending against Russian aggression. Reforms range from the tactical to the strategic levels and include both political measures (e.g., increasing transparency, countering corruption, and ensuring civilian control over the military) and military reforms (e.g., modernizing equipment, reforming command and control, and increasing professionalization). Significant hurdles remain, however, and the reform process is complicated by Ukraine's Soviet legacy, the continued Russian occupation of parts of Ukraine, and the threat of further Russian aggression. Members of Congress have expressed interest in understanding Ukraine's military capabilities to help guide policymaking to support Ukraine's defense of its territorial integrity and its aspirations for eventual NATO membership."

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