State of the Cities 2021   [open pdf - 20MB]

From the Introduction: "While the dust has not yet settled after a turbulent year, rapid vaccination and slow reopening indicate that 2021 will indeed be an inflection period in our pandemic history. This year, the State of the Cities analysis of survey data and of mayoral state of the city speeches from over 600 cities reveals that mayors from small towns to large urban cores are prioritizing infrastructure, budgets and public safety this year. The State of the Cities 2021 takes stock of how different types of communities have fared through the pandemic and investigates how city leaders are positioning their communities for the future. We find that experiences and impacts related to COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] are multifaceted. While some striking similarities exist from city to city, important differences also emerged. In particular, survey respondents indicate that clean water access and public spaces have contributed most to community resilience in the face of the pandemic. On housing issues, while home property values increased, affordable housing supply dwindled across most communities. The consequences of these converging trends demonstrate a growing urban-rural divide not only in housing but also resident financial security."

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