Congressional Budget Office Cost Estimate: H.R. 2922, Elder Abuse Protection Act of 2021   [open pdf - 153KB]

This is the Congressional Budget Office Cost Estimate as ordered reported by the House Committee on the Judiciary on June 11, 2021. From the Document: "H.R. 2922 would require the Department of Justice (DOJ) to establish a permanent Elder Justice Initiative to coordinate the agency's efforts to combat elder abuse, fraud, and neglect. The bill would designate an Elder Justice Coordinator to support the initiative's law enforcement efforts and policy activities. H.R. 2922 also would require the Elder Justice Initiative to establish a national elder fraud telephone hotline, provide yearly recommendations to the Office of Tribal Justice, and publish online public resources aimed at preventing elder abuse in both English and Spanish. DOJ currently operates an Elder Justice Initiative that conducts most of the activities required by H.R. 2922. On that basis and using information provided by DOJ, CBO [Congressional Budget Office] estimates that expanding and codifying the current Initiative's activities would not have a significant effect on the agency's costs to implement the program; any spending would be subject to the availability of appropriated funds."

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