Securing the Homeland, Strengthening the Nation   [open pdf - 885KB]

This document outlines the White House's FY 2003 budget priorities for homeland security. "Our Nation learned a painful lesson on September 11. American soil is not immune to evil or cold-blooded enemies capable of unprecedented acts of mass murder and terror. The worst of these enemies - and target number one in our war on terrorism - is the terrorist network Al Qaeda. Yet the threat to America is not limited to Al Qaeda - or to suicide hijackings of commercial aircraft. As we learned on October 4, 2001, a Florida man named Robert Stevens became the first known victim of an unprecedented act of biological terrorism. A new wave of terrorism, involving new weapons, looms in America's future. It is a challenge unlike any ever faced by our Nation. But we are not daunted. We possess the resources and the determination to defeat our enemies and work to secure our homeland against the threats they pose."

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