S. Prt. 108-37: Combatting Terrorism of the United States Senate Committee on Indian Affairs During the One Hundred Eighth Congress on the Role of Tribal Governments in Assuring America's Homelands Are Secure, July 29, 2003   [open pdf - 557KB]

From the opening statement Daniel K. Inouye: "The Committee on Indian Affairs as we begin our first two sessions on the consideration of S. 578, a bill to amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002, to address the role of tribal governments in homeland security. I am certain that since September 11, all Americans have been called upon to take part in a nationwide effort to protect our homes and our homelands from acts of terrorism. The Homeland Security Act provides the authority for the establishment of this department, the new Homeland Security Department, to serve as the focal point for the Federal Government's efforts to prevent terrorist attacks, to reduce our Nation's vulnerability to terrorism, to enhance the capacities of all governments to respond to a terrorist threat, to the coordination of homeland security activities with State, local and I underscore tribal governments. There are six priorities identified in the act: First, the development of a comprehensive intelligence and warning system to detect terrorism before it manifests itself in an attack. Second, domestic counter-terrorism, including the improvement of intergovernmental law enforcement coordination. Third, we have border and transportation security. Fourth, a critical infrastructure protection. Fifth, catastrophic terrorism defense, and finally, emergency preparedness and response." Statements, letters, and materials submitted for the record include those of the following: Ron Allen, Cynthia Bender, Audrey Bennett, Michael Bopp, Wallace Coffey, John Echohawk, Drucilla Espinoza, Harold Frazier, Frank Gavigan, Keller George, Darrell Hillaire, Tom Heffelfinger, Daniel K. Inouye, Roland Johnson, Vivian Juan-Saunders, George Little, Chuck Matheson, David Nez, Larry Parkinson, Anthony Pico, J.R. Reddig, James Rivera, Cheri Roe, Tim Sanders, Richard Saunders, A.T. Stafne, Rita Swamp, Andrew Thomas, Richard Trudell, and Craig Canderwagen.

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S. Prt. 108-37; Senate Print 108-37
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