H. Rept. 117-36: Improving VA Accountability to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Act of 2021, Report to Accompany H.R. 2704, Including Cost Estimate of the Congressional Budget Office, May 17, 2021   [open pdf - 367KB]

From the Purpose and Summary: "This bill would require the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to improve its ability to track and address sexual harassment and discrimination allegations and cases. It would realign several Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) related positions by prohibiting the VA EEO Director from also serving in a position with responsibility over personnel functions. The bill would also require that the EEO Director report to the Deputy Secretary. EEO program managers would be realigned so that each EEO program manager, at VA facilities, reports to the head of the Office of Resolution Management. The bill also requires that any manager of the Department who receives a report of sexual or other harassment, or employment discrimination, report that complaint to the Office of Resolution Management within two business days. Additional training on identifying and addressing sexual, and other harassment, and employment discrimination will be made mandatory. The bill also requires the Secretary to regularly review harassment and discrimination policies, as well as issue a final directive and handbook for the Department's Harassment Prevention Program. VA is also required to provide to Congress semiannual reports on progress the Secretary has made in carrying out the legislation."

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H. Rept. 117-36; House Report 117-36
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