Fatal Attraction of a Post-COVID Green New Deal   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Document: "Last year we were already talking about the threat of Net Zero to economic recovery post-Brexit, but that context has obviously changed. The Net Zero commitment cannot now be considered independently of the situation created by the restrictions imposed to address Covid-19, and measures to recover, not from the virus, but from those restrictions. So what has changed precisely? We are not now talking about whether Net Zero is wise for a more-or-less intact and expanding national economic system, one moving steadily further from thermodynamic equilibrium towards a state of greater complexity, an economy surrounded by other national systems, many of which were expanding at a greater rate, and could be called upon to support growth. That question has now been superseded. The answer, for the record, was that it was deeply unwise, and that it would have slowed the rate at which complexity increased, it would have consumed a good deal of the societal complexity accumulated since the medieval period, that there would have been genuine human hardship, but that public resistance would have set in, perhaps after some decades, and that a correction would and could have taken place, partly assisted by the fact that other national systems would not have been as seriously affected. [...] The question that now faces us is how attempts to deliver the Net Zero target will affect a national system that has been deliberately tipped into a state of deep contraction, surrounded by other national systems all similarly, though not quite equally, affected."

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The Global Warming Policy Foundation, Essay 10
2020 The Global Warming Policy Foundation
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