Implementing Space Technology and Innovations into Homeland Security and Emergency Management Operations and Activities   [open pdf - 820KB]

From the Abstract: "Space capabilities, technology, applications, and services represent the forefront of technological development for the homeland security enterprise. Space capabilities and technological innovations are emerging technologies that are shaping and redefining homeland security, emergency management and response operations. These technologies are redefining how we approach emergency operations including damage and risk assessments, information sharing, geospatial intelligence, search and rescue, first responder accountability, tracking, mapping and more. There are numerous expanding uses of space capabilities being developed, tested and implemented to support first responders. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and DHS Science & Technology Directorate have been working closely to develop innovative solutions based on space technology for use in homeland security & emergency management activities that demonstrate how space technologies have far greater utilization beyond their original spacefaring mission. Finally, this essay explores how space technology is being used in the field today and ways to operationalize these technologies into practice."

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